The Bachelor

The Bachelor Week 8 Recap...Ben Gets Grilled!

Bahhhh!!  This recap is what, four days late?!  My goodness!  Where has the week gone?! Sorry for the delay friends! Let jump right in and discuss hometowns!

Amanda reminds me so much of Emily Maynard (The Bachelor Season 17/ The Bachelorette Season 8)!  They are both soft spoken single moms who have been through a lot of heartache. They are both those type of women you genuinely want to find their happily ever after. Emily has found her's; let's see if Amanda finds her's. :)

Amanda's daughters are so cute and sweet!  Could you imagine how terribly wrong the date could've went if they weren't receptive to Ben?!  He is so great with kiddos, which is something that I think melted every lady's heart who was watching!

Who thinks Ben is ready to be an "instant dad"? This was a big concern for Amanda's family. Out of all the families, Amanda's had the right to ask the toughest questions, and honestly, I like that her dad did ask those tough questions and made the bold statements about what's all involved in being a parent. He didn't make it seem like being a parent was roses and sunshine, which is something I'm sure Ben appreciated (maybe it also terrified him...hmmmmm).

I never know what to write about Lauren (it's time to drop the B right?!).  She and Ben have such an incredible, undeniable chemistry.  This is clearly evident when Ben got emotional talking to her sister.  Real men cry! ;)

Lauren's entire family seemed super sweet and chill.  Ben would fit right in. :)

Caila always has the most perfect, flawless, wavy hair.  Slightly jealous.  Just putting that out there.

What a cool, not to mention unique date that Caila had planned for Ben!  Building a house?! So fun!

Caila's family also seemed really chill. But I don't understand her dad's comment to Ben on how he is dealing with "microwave fame". What is microwave fame? I couldn't find it in Websters Dictionary.

Much like Lauren, Caila got a major reality check from her daddy.  I suppose that's what parents are for, right?

I felt bad for Caila that her mom told her that she thinks Ben is in love with her.  Oh man! If she isn't one of the two women Ben tells that he loves next week, Caila is going to be beyond heartbroken.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves!

Something isn't right about the JoJo-Chad situation. I personally don't think there is a "Chad" and it was all producer provoked to make some good TV. Little did they know her fam was a little on the protective side and even better drama was to come.

Side note: I think another requirement to be on the show is that your parent's are bajillionaires. Did you see all the ladies parent's homes?!  Nuts!  Pretty sure JoJo's parent's live in a castle.

Having a protective family is great but JoJo's brothers where just being jerks (eeek, I hate calling names!).  Ben was really honest with them and it seemed like no matter what he said, it was never going to be good enough.  They were ready to pounce on him, and boy, did they ever!  Saying that he has brainwashed the women is a bizarre comment! As was the comment about Ben being coached on the answers to the questions. Actually, the entire confrontation in the kitchen was bizarre, right down to JoJo's mom drinking straight from the bottle. Where was JoJo during this confrontation?

One thing that irks me more so about JoJo's hometown is that Ben, JoJo's brother was on a love show a few summers back called Ready For Love as one of the three leading men. I watched it, enjoyed it, and really liked him on that show. So, out of all people, brother Ben should've been on bachelor Ben's side or cut him a little bit of slack.  (In case you're wondering, brother Ben ended up picking a girl but they broke up shortly later. He also owns a hospital - just thought I would throw that out there.)

Sweet, sweet Amanda! Ugh! Sad to see her go because she is just such a great person. Many people are pulling for her to be the next Bachelorette.  How would all y'all feel about that?

Excited for Monday's episode!!  #ILoveYouX2!!!  

Until then, comment below with your thoughts.