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Mirror Mirror YXE

Let’s be honest - being a girl is no walk in the park. Being a teenage girl - that’s just plain tough. When I was a pre-teen/ teenager, I remember constantly being worried about what people thought of me; I always felt like I was being judged and talked about. I was worried about school and the pressures of getting good grades. I never felt pretty enough, good enough, or valued.

Unfortunately this is a reality for so many young girls. There are daily pressures to succeed and be the “norm”. We’re told if we don’t look a certain way, act a certain way, play a certain sport, or be in a certain clique, we have no worth and have every right to be bullied.

Shattered confidence, destroyed self-worth, low self-esteem, lack of hope and faith is the result of the ridicule we endure. And it’s not right; no one deserves to feel like this.

But there is hope. 

I have become involved with a new initiative to Saskatoon, Mirror Mirror YXE, that will change lives. The goal of Mirror Mirror YXE is promote mental health and wellness by providing education and tools to young girls so they can gain freedom, resilience, and confidence. We hope to combat low self-esteem before the girls become involved with negative behaviours associated with it, such as anxiety and depression.

The Mirror Mirror project is based on Australian model and speaker, Dianne Wilson’s book Mirror Mirror, that offers stories of inspiration, keys to freedom, and most importantly HOPE.

Mirror Mirror YXE is hosting a free community event on March 2nd at Elim Church and YOU ARE INVITED! This event is geared towards girls aged 10-18 but any woman is welcome to attend! Invite your daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, neighbours, and friends! The event will feature spoken word and musical performances, as well as multimedia presentations - it's going to be amazing! 

Girls aged 10-18 who register for the community event will be gifted Dianne Wilson’s Mirror Mirror book and have the opportunity to sign up for a six week follow up course. Some of the topics that will be covered in the followup course include celebrating uniqueness, freedom from envy and jealousy, body discontentment, and so much more! It's going to be incredible ladies!

Us girls need to be reminded of truths - we are UNIQUE; we are WORTHY; we are LOVED; we are BEAUTIFUL. We need to be comfortable with being our true, authentic selves, just like we were created to be.

I invite you to share this event with the girls and women in your life. I am so excited for it and really believe God is going to do great things and touch the hearts of many girls and women. 

For more information on Mirror Mirror YXE and to register for the community event, please visit Be sure to 'like' Mirror Mirror YXE on Facebook and 'follow' on Instagram. <3