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The Bachelor Week 6 Recap...HELLO DRAMA!!!

What the whaaaat?!?!  Holy batman!  Who watched Monday's episode of The Bachelor? HELLO DRAMA! Between tears, cat fights, and good-byes, there is LOTS to talk about!

I love how Ben approached Olivia. You can tell by the questions he not only asked her, but asks all the women, that he means business and is serious about finding a wife. It would have been really dramatic if he took her rose away but I'm not surprised he didn't.  

I'm fairly certain that the only camera time Jennifer got was on night one. Just basing my judgment on that first night, I did think there was chemistry between them, or at least they shared common values, which is important. However, you could tell that their relationship hadn't progressed like others (based on the fact she had little camera time) and that it was her time to leave.

Onto the Bahamas!!!!

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When Caila got the one-on-one date, I was quite surprised.  Coming from the other girls' perspective, I get that they were upset; afterall, Caila already had had a one-on-one.  After watching and hearing from Ben WHY he chose her for the date, it is now understandable.  I think the girls forgot to keep in mind that it's Ben (the lucky guy that he is) gets to call the shots and they need to trust his decisions.  

Caila is someone who I have always thought was really sweet, bubbly, and intelligent.  But is she ever confusing!  I was watching her convo with Ben with one eyebrow raised.  What were her intentions with the conversation?? Was she wanting to tell Ben she had reservations?  Was she wanting to tell Ben she saw a future with him?  I don't know...I'm still confused! 

That group date!  Did anyone else anticipate the amount of drama that played out??? It seemed like on the boat ride everyone was chill, even feeding the pigs hot dogs [chicken hot dogs, that is ;)] all seemed good. Then, all of the sudden it was like someone flipped a switch and, as Olivia would say, "bam shabam"!  Things got weird and went downhill!

Side note:  Those pigs looked terrifying!!  Poor Jojo!  Click here for the evidence. ;)

Leah, girl, you gotta grow up!  I get that you're upset you haven't got a one-on-one date (or, as she calls herself "the group date groupie"), but crying like there is no tomorrow AND throwing one of the sweetest girls (Lauren B.) under the bus was taking it wayyyy too far!  On top of all that, to see how upset Lauren B. was after Ben confronted her about what Leah had told him and lying to Lauren B.'s face about it not being her was a shallow thing to do. I'm so glad her plan backfired!  She got what was coming to her and definitely wasn't sorry to see her go!  Bu-bye chickee!

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The two on one date couldn't have gone any better!  With the two nemesis (Emily and Olivia) invited on the date, we knew it would be a blood bath!  Unfortunately, because the wind was so bad, the girls were forced to eat their hair instead of bickering.  *sadface*

Side note #2: Remember earlier in the episode when Olivia was saying how she didn't want to be on the two-on-one with Emily because she is young and she "is a bird" (huh??)?  THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME AGE!!

Olivia is confident (which is a good thing and an admirable quality).  But being overly confident comes across as condescending and that is Olivia to a T.  You can like news, politics, religion, and "intellectual" things, but PLEASE don't call them your jam...that lingo is so 2006! Her timing in telling Ben she loved him was really bad too.  It was random and I think caught him off guard.  And that, my friends, was the beginning of the end of Olivia's hopes and dreams of being "Mrs.Higgins".

I really respect Emily for opening up to Ben during their time together on the two-on-one.  I'm guessing that doesn't come easy for her but she did a really good job of letting him in. Buuuuut, I'm still waiting to see a romantic chemistry with Emily and Ben.  I also feel like she is a wee little immature for him.  Plus, have they even kissed yet?  It looked like they wanted too but they just couldn't seal the deal.  With that being said, how cute was it when Emily could hardly talk because her hair was suffocating her face and Ben fixed it for her?! Heart=melted!

My heart skipped three beats (yes, THREE beats!) when Ben picked up the rose and pulled Olivia aside.  I was shocked when he got rid of her.  He FINALLY saw the red flags with her and it was time to say good-bye to that lady!  I did feel bad that she had to wait on that cold, windy, rainy beach after Ben broke up with her though.  She must have been miserable! 

Not having a cocktail party shouldn't have come as a huge surprise to the girls.  It was surprising, however, that he sent yet another girl home!  That was three in one week!  Sorry to see Lauren H. go but at least my faves are still hanging in there. ;)

I think I covered everything!!  Still can't get over the previews for the rest of the season! Bahhhh!! Buckle up Bachelor Nation...I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to keep getting better and better!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this past week and season so far!  Comment below! :)

Oh, and don't forget to set your PVR's for this Sunday's 'The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love'. <3

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Until next week...