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The Bachelorette Week 1 Recap...JoJoJoJoJo

It's baaaaaackkk!! Who else is so excited that another season of this fabulous show has begun?! Whether you love it, hate it, or never saw it before, I'm here to recap the season for you. Let's begin!

Listening to JoJo reflect on her relationship was Ben as well as her hopes for being The Bachelorette showed how much class this lady has. I was skeptical of her being The Bachelorette but within the first 15 minutes I knew they made the right choice.

How gorgeous is she?! I am in love with her night one dress - it flattered her body perfectly! And her hair - don't get me started on that hair! Let's just say, I wish I could achieve flawless waves like she did! She seems like she has a great personality and sense of humor. Fingers crossed this lady finds her guy. <3

Intros...some were normal; others were quirky; but some were downright weird! Based on first impressions, these are my top picks:

Alex: He seems so normal and laidback! He's cute, successful, and a marine. Love him but don't think JoJo will pick him.

Ali: Oh my goodness - did all y'all catch that really dorky but seriously cute wave he gave to JoJo out of the limo? He's so awkward but I love it!

Derek: I swore a couple times John Krasinski from The Office was a part of the cast, but no, it was Derek.

Jordan: I'm not a huge fan of him but he and JoJo have some serious chemistry. We'll see if it'll last.

Luke: I like to call him Chris Soules 2.0 - both are farmers, both are successful, and both are easy on the eyes. Luke is my pick for JoJo!

Wells: He brought acapella singers! Again, he's kind of awkward but it's endearing and JoJo seems to like it.

Who are your top picks? Who wouldn't you have given a rose to if you were JoJo? Comment below and let me know.

Did anyone else just about fall off the couch when Jake Pavelka showed up?! I was never a fan of his but I really wanted him to be one of "the men" just because it would've been so dramatic. Instead he made the long trek from Texas to Los Angeles to have a five minute conversation with JoJo, who is apparently like a brother to her. Not worth it.

I'm really hoping that the season is as dramatic as the previews were! It looks so dramatic (and a little scary - I hope they don't have to change the genre of the show to crime!).

Lastly, for my non-Canadian readers, poking belly buttons is not a Canadian thing; it is a Daniel thing. ;)




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The Bachelor Recap...The Women Tell All

The best part about writing a recap for all you is that I get to rewatch the episodes GUILT FREE! Makes me feel a little bit better ;)

I don't understand why they invite majority of the women back for the women tell all, especially the ones that were let go week one and two and even three. They have nothing to say because they don't know anything about the season, until they watch it like you and I.

Side note: was it really necessary for Tiara to bring a chicken?!

Normally I find it unacceptable and rude to boo anyone but Leah had it coming to her. Her reaction to any comment that was made to her on the Women Tell All made her sound like a snob and I would've liked to see them spend more time on the Leah drama of the season. I am not a fan of this woman. That is all.

What do you think of the Jubilee drama that happened on air? Do you believe Jami, Amber, and Shushanna when they said Jubilee had made an offensive comment about being "the real black girl" or do you believe Jubilee when she claims she never said that? My jaw hit the floor when Miss Leah piped in with her eye roll and told Jami to get over it! If I were Jami, that would have offended me way more than Jubilee's initial comment.

I'm so happy Jubilee was able to open up and explain herself. She seemed to be in a much better place emotionally. I wasn't a huge fan of her's on the show but my liking definitely did increase.

Random thought: I wonder how they decide where the ladies sit during the Women Tell All taping. Sometimes it seems as if they seat the ladies in the order in which they were eliminated and other times they don't. Have you ever thought the same thing? :)

I don't have much to say about Lace. If you recall, she was on an episode of Bachelor Live where she had to opportunity to talk about her experience and update on what has been going on in her life. However, I will say that the weird tattoo dude was totally staged - it was way too obvious.

It will also be interesting to see how she copes with being on Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe she will surprise us and be like Ashley S. (onion girl) and be normal. 

I have to admit something - I felt bad for Olivia on the Women Tell All. She may have been aggressive and made an inappropriate comment or ten to the other women but she was bullied a lot in the house and behind her back, not to mention the cyber bullying she was thrown into while the show was airing. People can have their opinions, people can even despise her, but their is no reason to bully and put her down so low that she can't even go on social media. 

When I decided I was going to do a recap blog, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't personally attack any of the cast members because it is wrong, it is hurtful, and I never know who might be reading my words. I believe words can hurt more than actions. Women should praise and raise each other up, not tear each other down, so before you hit send on that rude comment, take a second to rethink how you would feel if you were on the receiving end of it. That is one of the ways I edit my posts.  

OK. Rant over. <3

I am in love with Caila's black jumpsuit she wore on the Women Tell All; so much so I did a little research. Although I couldn't find the exact jumpsuit, here are a couple that are quite similar. Match it with a pair of shoes from Pretty Little Shoes and you'll look hot, hot, hot! :)

Caila really is a class act. Even through heartbreak, she carries herself so well and remains so composed. I admire her. I said it in last week's recap and I will say it again, my money is on Caila being the next Bachelorette.

Talking about class acts, Ben Higgins certainly is one as well. Those ladies had some tough questions for him and he answered them all so well. Scratch that. So perfectly.

BLOOPERS!!! Oh my goodness! So funny! In case you missed them or just want to watch them again, I have included it here for your viewing pleasure. :)

Next week is the finale! So excited to see how Ben's love story concludes. Who is your choice for Ben? Lauren or JoJo?

Until next week,




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The Bachelor Week 9 Recap...I Love You x 2!

Can you believe that it is already time for Fantasy Suite dates?! It seems just like yesterday when the season began.  I am starting to get sad knowing the end of the season is just two short weeks away. Sigh.

Onto this week...

I don't understand why Caila didn't just tell Ben why she was so quiet and reserved during the first part of their date. It was so unlike her not to be open. She said she didn't want to talk about it during the first part of the date because she didn't want to ruin the day, but she was already ruining the day by not talking. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

Lauren and Ben had such a unique date...releasing baby sea turtles!  Those sea turtles were so darn cute! Kudos to the Bachelor Franchise for bringing awareness to the program that has worked hard at growing the sea turtle species so they don't go extinct.

Anyways, when Ben was opening up to Lauren and telling her how he thinks she is too good for him, I was eager to hear her response.  Her response really blew me away - she feels the same way about Ben. Awwwww! ;)

Throughout the season, I have wondered if Lauren was being genuine in her feelings for Ben. When she told Ben she loved him and when he said it back (Ummmm, shocker! I don't think he was supposed to do that!), I could tell that she was 100% genuine. She was like a giddy school girl. And I love that Ben is her person! Ughhh, I love them together! <3

OH. MY. GOSH. When Ben told JoJo that he loved her too, my jaw hit the floor. I mean, I knew it was coming (thank-you previews!) but I wasn't ready for it. When he said I love you to JoJo, it seemed like he just blurted it out. Maybe he was confused and thought he was talking to Lauren...

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

Regardless, saying those three very simple words to two lovely women who are deeply in love with him really complicates things,  especially when he has to send one of them home in the end. Ben says he has two true loves. Do you think it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time? Share your thoughts below.

I really respected JoJo for looking at her brothers/Ben conflict from both sides. It gave me a new perspective and made me dislike her brothers a little less. ;)

Now the breakup! When Caila surprised Ben, he was probably thinking 'oh crappers'! He was caught off guard but Caila was more caught off guard when they sat down to "chat" and he dumped her. She is a little bit of a firecracker! I thought Ben was being genuine and speaking from the heart but according to Caila, he was feeding her lines. Ouch! When she jumped out of the car, I was super pumped! Not because she was going to tear a strip off sweet Ben but because when people are dumped on this show, they never get the answers they deserve. So I commend Caila for doing what she did. She was so beyond confident in her relationship with Ben that I felt her heartbreak and pain when they broke up. :(

I have a sneaking suspicion Caila will be the next Bachelorette. Do you think she would make a good one?

Chris Harrison, whom I deeply love, actually seemed purposeful this episode. I mean, he did say a WHOPPING 97 words! I hope he didn't get laryngitis after this one! ;)

Next week is the 'Women Tell All' which should be pretty dramatic! Looking forward to it! :)




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The Bachelor Week 8 Recap...Ben Gets Grilled!

Bahhhh!!  This recap is what, four days late?!  My goodness!  Where has the week gone?! Sorry for the delay friends! Let jump right in and discuss hometowns!

Amanda reminds me so much of Emily Maynard (The Bachelor Season 17/ The Bachelorette Season 8)!  They are both soft spoken single moms who have been through a lot of heartache. They are both those type of women you genuinely want to find their happily ever after. Emily has found her's; let's see if Amanda finds her's. :)

Amanda's daughters are so cute and sweet!  Could you imagine how terribly wrong the date could've went if they weren't receptive to Ben?!  He is so great with kiddos, which is something that I think melted every lady's heart who was watching!

Who thinks Ben is ready to be an "instant dad"? This was a big concern for Amanda's family. Out of all the families, Amanda's had the right to ask the toughest questions, and honestly, I like that her dad did ask those tough questions and made the bold statements about what's all involved in being a parent. He didn't make it seem like being a parent was roses and sunshine, which is something I'm sure Ben appreciated (maybe it also terrified him...hmmmmm).

I never know what to write about Lauren (it's time to drop the B right?!).  She and Ben have such an incredible, undeniable chemistry.  This is clearly evident when Ben got emotional talking to her sister.  Real men cry! ;)

Lauren's entire family seemed super sweet and chill.  Ben would fit right in. :)

Caila always has the most perfect, flawless, wavy hair.  Slightly jealous.  Just putting that out there.

What a cool, not to mention unique date that Caila had planned for Ben!  Building a house?! So fun!

Caila's family also seemed really chill. But I don't understand her dad's comment to Ben on how he is dealing with "microwave fame". What is microwave fame? I couldn't find it in Websters Dictionary.

Much like Lauren, Caila got a major reality check from her daddy.  I suppose that's what parents are for, right?

I felt bad for Caila that her mom told her that she thinks Ben is in love with her.  Oh man! If she isn't one of the two women Ben tells that he loves next week, Caila is going to be beyond heartbroken.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves!

Something isn't right about the JoJo-Chad situation. I personally don't think there is a "Chad" and it was all producer provoked to make some good TV. Little did they know her fam was a little on the protective side and even better drama was to come.

Side note: I think another requirement to be on the show is that your parent's are bajillionaires. Did you see all the ladies parent's homes?!  Nuts!  Pretty sure JoJo's parent's live in a castle.

Having a protective family is great but JoJo's brothers where just being jerks (eeek, I hate calling names!).  Ben was really honest with them and it seemed like no matter what he said, it was never going to be good enough.  They were ready to pounce on him, and boy, did they ever!  Saying that he has brainwashed the women is a bizarre comment! As was the comment about Ben being coached on the answers to the questions. Actually, the entire confrontation in the kitchen was bizarre, right down to JoJo's mom drinking straight from the bottle. Where was JoJo during this confrontation?

One thing that irks me more so about JoJo's hometown is that Ben, JoJo's brother was on a love show a few summers back called Ready For Love as one of the three leading men. I watched it, enjoyed it, and really liked him on that show. So, out of all people, brother Ben should've been on bachelor Ben's side or cut him a little bit of slack.  (In case you're wondering, brother Ben ended up picking a girl but they broke up shortly later. He also owns a hospital - just thought I would throw that out there.)

Sweet, sweet Amanda! Ugh! Sad to see her go because she is just such a great person. Many people are pulling for her to be the next Bachelorette.  How would all y'all feel about that?

Excited for Monday's episode!!  #ILoveYouX2!!!  

Until then, comment below with your thoughts.




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The Bachelor Week 7 Recap...tears, tears, and more tears!

Did all y'all watch the 'Bachelor at 20' special on Sunday?  How awesome was it seeing old cast members as well as Jade and Tanner's wedding?! Talk about a party!

Photo Credit: John &amp; Joseph Photography Inc.

Photo Credit: John & Joseph Photography Inc.

On to this week!

This wasn't the most entertaining episode ever, but what did we expect when the "drama" of the season is stranded on a beach in the Bahamas?? ;)

Before I begin the recap, I have a little 'Bachelor fun fact' for all y'all.  Did you know that the house the ladies stayed in this week was one of Ben's family friend's homes? One night they even brought the girls a home cooked meal. :)

Bahhh!  Ben and Lauren B. are so darn cute together! They have undeniable chemistry.  You can really tell he is into her.  Earlier in the season I didn't think she was into him, but seeing how much Leah's foolish mouth affected her last week, Lauren is in it for the long haul.  Besides, a couple that dresses alikes, stays together. ;)

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

I love how Ben took Lauren to the Baker Youth Club - a place that means so much to him! Lauren fit right in and I really enjoyed watching their date.  They are both so great with kiddos!

What a fun date Ben and JoJo had!  To have Wrigley Field to themselves for an entire day is slightly a big deal (that doesn't happen for just anyone)!  

JoJo is understandably scared of falling. I mean, who wouldn't be?! But I think her lack of trust in Ben is going to lead to the demise of their relationship (That sounds overly dramatic doesn't it??).  No, Ben can't tell her that she is the one for him, but she has to trust him! He said it well - "It's kind of endearing to me that JoJo doesn't know how much I like her even though I've told her multiple times how good things are between us."

Watching the three-on-one was a heck of a lot more intense than watching the infamous two-on-one.  The day seemed more like a competition than a date!

Side Note: Remember those heels that Amanda couldn't run in??  Who else loves them?!

Becca let Ben have it!  Like JoJo, her feelings are understandable but Becca has been to this rodeo once before. Last season she received a lot of validation from Chris but this season when that validation is lacking, she got really insecure. Ugh!  I can imagine it is not an easy process whatsoever.  

I really feel for Caila.  The sweet girl admitted that she was feeling anxious because she doesn't have deep roots in a community like Ben does.  By the sounds of it, she has a strong knit family so we will see how that goes.

When Amanda received the group date rose, I really felt for Becca and Caila. They were both crushed, especially Becca.  She doesn't show emotion very often so it was refreshing (hmmm, that doesn't seem like the right word) that she was so upset.

 I don't think Amanda has ever saw Lady and the Tramp due to her reaction when Ben wanted to share a fry.  Either that or she was just super uncomfortable.  I'm going to go with the latter. :)

She seemed uncomfortable on the rest of the date.  Did anyone think the same thing?  Maybe the crowds were super intimidating for her.

Random thought: How much booze do you think the cast members consume in a season? They are ALWAYS drinking...I feel bad for their livers! ;)

Emily is so funny!  I am beyond shocked that she hasn't seen ducks or swans in Vegas!

Again, I felt bad for her.  She wanted so badly to sound put together and mature but she failed epicly! Rule #1 when meeting the parents: don't tell them your likes and dislikes are watching movies all day and eating veggies respectively.  

Emily knows how to handle a breakup. She held it together so well and left with class and a better version of herself.  Gonna miss her!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Becca, you feisty little thing!! I'm glad you were able to come to your senses after hearing Ben's explanation.  Will she pull a Chris Bukowksy and retire from the Bachelor franchise after this? Some people are rooting for her to be the next Bachelorette.  What are your thoughts?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Did you see the preview for next week?!  It's gonna be good!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Comment below! :)




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The Bachelor Week 6 Recap...HELLO DRAMA!!!

What the whaaaat?!?!  Holy batman!  Who watched Monday's episode of The Bachelor? HELLO DRAMA! Between tears, cat fights, and good-byes, there is LOTS to talk about!

I love how Ben approached Olivia. You can tell by the questions he not only asked her, but asks all the women, that he means business and is serious about finding a wife. It would have been really dramatic if he took her rose away but I'm not surprised he didn't.  

I'm fairly certain that the only camera time Jennifer got was on night one. Just basing my judgment on that first night, I did think there was chemistry between them, or at least they shared common values, which is important. However, you could tell that their relationship hadn't progressed like others (based on the fact she had little camera time) and that it was her time to leave.

Onto the Bahamas!!!!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

When Caila got the one-on-one date, I was quite surprised.  Coming from the other girls' perspective, I get that they were upset; afterall, Caila already had had a one-on-one.  After watching and hearing from Ben WHY he chose her for the date, it is now understandable.  I think the girls forgot to keep in mind that it's Ben (the lucky guy that he is) gets to call the shots and they need to trust his decisions.  

Caila is someone who I have always thought was really sweet, bubbly, and intelligent.  But is she ever confusing!  I was watching her convo with Ben with one eyebrow raised.  What were her intentions with the conversation?? Was she wanting to tell Ben she had reservations?  Was she wanting to tell Ben she saw a future with him?  I don't know...I'm still confused! 

That group date!  Did anyone else anticipate the amount of drama that played out??? It seemed like on the boat ride everyone was chill, even feeding the pigs hot dogs [chicken hot dogs, that is ;)] all seemed good. Then, all of the sudden it was like someone flipped a switch and, as Olivia would say, "bam shabam"!  Things got weird and went downhill!

Side note:  Those pigs looked terrifying!!  Poor Jojo!  Click here for the evidence. ;)

Leah, girl, you gotta grow up!  I get that you're upset you haven't got a one-on-one date (or, as she calls herself "the group date groupie"), but crying like there is no tomorrow AND throwing one of the sweetest girls (Lauren B.) under the bus was taking it wayyyy too far!  On top of all that, to see how upset Lauren B. was after Ben confronted her about what Leah had told him and lying to Lauren B.'s face about it not being her was a shallow thing to do. I'm so glad her plan backfired!  She got what was coming to her and definitely wasn't sorry to see her go!  Bu-bye chickee!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

The two on one date couldn't have gone any better!  With the two nemesis (Emily and Olivia) invited on the date, we knew it would be a blood bath!  Unfortunately, because the wind was so bad, the girls were forced to eat their hair instead of bickering.  *sadface*

Side note #2: Remember earlier in the episode when Olivia was saying how she didn't want to be on the two-on-one with Emily because she is young and she "is a bird" (huh??)?  THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME AGE!!

Olivia is confident (which is a good thing and an admirable quality).  But being overly confident comes across as condescending and that is Olivia to a T.  You can like news, politics, religion, and "intellectual" things, but PLEASE don't call them your jam...that lingo is so 2006! Her timing in telling Ben she loved him was really bad too.  It was random and I think caught him off guard.  And that, my friends, was the beginning of the end of Olivia's hopes and dreams of being "Mrs.Higgins".

I really respect Emily for opening up to Ben during their time together on the two-on-one.  I'm guessing that doesn't come easy for her but she did a really good job of letting him in. Buuuuut, I'm still waiting to see a romantic chemistry with Emily and Ben.  I also feel like she is a wee little immature for him.  Plus, have they even kissed yet?  It looked like they wanted too but they just couldn't seal the deal.  With that being said, how cute was it when Emily could hardly talk because her hair was suffocating her face and Ben fixed it for her?! Heart=melted!

My heart skipped three beats (yes, THREE beats!) when Ben picked up the rose and pulled Olivia aside.  I was shocked when he got rid of her.  He FINALLY saw the red flags with her and it was time to say good-bye to that lady!  I did feel bad that she had to wait on that cold, windy, rainy beach after Ben broke up with her though.  She must have been miserable! 

Not having a cocktail party shouldn't have come as a huge surprise to the girls.  It was surprising, however, that he sent yet another girl home!  That was three in one week!  Sorry to see Lauren H. go but at least my faves are still hanging in there. ;)

I think I covered everything!!  Still can't get over the previews for the rest of the season! Bahhhh!! Buckle up Bachelor Nation...I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to keep getting better and better!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this past week and season so far!  Comment below! :)

Oh, and don't forget to set your PVR's for this Sunday's 'The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love'. <3

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Photo Credit:

Until next week...




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The Bachelor Week 5 Recap...yikes!

If you read my first blog post, you'd know I'm a HUGE The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette fan, so I thought it would be fun to do a weekly episode recap.  I've been meaning to sit down and write my recap since Monday night but now it's Thursday.  I suppose better late then never, right?! :)

Let me start off by saying I think Ben Higgins is the BEST Bachelor they have had in a long time, possibly ever.  What is not to like about him?  He is genuine, kind, has really great values and a faith I really respect, seems really ready for marriage, and, of course, he is gorgeous!   I'm really rooting for him and I hope he finds happiness. :)

OK, onto this week.  As a viewer, I love it that Ben went in and woke the girls up so early in the morning.  Their reactions were so funny!  On the contrary, if I was one of the girls...yikes!  I'm definitely not a morning person nor do I look fabulous in the morning. ;) But how the heck did Amanda look FLAWLESS when Ben woke her up?!  

I like Amanda.  She is super sweet and has clearly been through a lot.  But I feel like we haven't seen much of her even though she had a one-on-one date.  Maybe because there was too much drama this episode to showcase her.  Regardless, I think she is genuine and also ready for marriage (again). 

How fun was that group date?!  I liked how Ben "tricked" the girls into thinking they were cooking but took Spanish lessons first.  Would anyone else been totally weirded out by having to say things like "I want to kiss you" and "I love you" in front of Ben so early on AND the other girls???  Most of the girls rolled with it but Jubilee was so awkward and rude about it.  Maybe that's just her personality but it's a little too passive-aggressive for me. 

We know that the group date would be filled with drama with both Olivia and Jubilee on it. But when they both wanted Ben to be their cooking teammate, I thought weaves and retainers were going to go flying! ;) You could tell Ben was uncomfortable but I think he should've just told Olivia and Jubilee to be partners.  Could you imagine how that would turn out??? ;)

JoJo has ruined tacos for me.  Enough said. ;)

Jubilee, Jubilee, Jubilee.  I'm sorry girl, but you let your emotions get the best of you and they ultimately destroyed your chance of being the one for Ben.  Not wanting to hold his hand after he offered it out to her was the tip of the iceberg.  You could tell Ben was frustrated, understandably so, but I think the way he handled the convo sending Jubilee home was really great!  What did Jubilee expect when she asked if he saw a future with her?  I think sending her home was the best thing for Jubilee.  This wasn't a good environment for her.

I think Ben giving Olivia the rose was producer-encouraged, especially since he had just sent Jubilee home.  It seems fishy that she has received three group date roses.  Anyone else think the same thing?

I love Lauren H.! She seems like one of those people that you'd want to be around because she is always smiling and has a great personality.  The date looked like so much fun and you could tell Lauren did have fun and appreciated the date.  I didn't think she would make it as far as she has, but I hope he keeps her around for awhile. :)

That Rose Ceremony though...yikes!!!  What was Olivia thinking when she said that she felt like she was watching Teen Mom?!  That is super insulting!  Major foot-in-month moment!  Tattling usually isn't necessary but I'm glad Amanda told Ben about Olivia...and Emily...and Jennifer.

Who thinks Ben will take the rose away???  I don't know if he will.  I think he'll talk to her, let her keep the rose, give her a one-on-one next week, and all the other girls will be super angry (Did you see the preview??  All the girls are bawling!).

I'm not going to recap Bachelor Live but I am really sad that this was the last episode for the season.  They really saved the best for last!  I have never laughed so much during a Bachelor franchise episode as I have while watching Bachelor Live!  Ahhhhh, have I said I'm really going to miss it! :(

Photo courtesy Instagram: @THEREALLACEY

Photo courtesy Instagram: @THEREALLACEY

And the season finale preview.... whaaaattttt?!?!?!  I love you x2?!  Oh man guys!  It's really gonna get good!!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this week's episode and the season so far!