Welcome to Baillie's Blog!

Photo credit: Heather Fritz Photography ( )

Photo credit: Heather Fritz Photography (

Hi all!

As silly as this sounds, I cannot figure out how to start this blog!  I've never blogged before so this is completely foreign to me!  I'm sure eventually I'll get the hang of it, but in the meantime, you have to stumble through my "awkwardness". :)  Side note: you will quickly notice that I use smiley and winky faces A LOT!  ;)

Maybe I should start by introducing myself.  For those of you don't know me, my name is Baillie Janex and I am the owner of Pretty Little Shoes.  I am also currently in the process of obtaining my doula certification, however my goal is to become a Midwife.  I love all things girl (shoes, fashion, nails), reality TV, and am health and fitness freak.  

My hope is that by reading my blog, you will get to know me a little bit better; so you don't just look at me as your "shoe girl".

I'm sure you may be wondering why I've incorporated a blog into and what I'll be writing about.  First off, I decided to write a blog for a couple reasons - I've been told by friends that I should (I finally gave into peer pressure!) and I also frequently go to other blogs searching for recipes, DIY projects, etc.  

What will I be blogging about?  Well, anything and everything!  Shoes, events Pretty Little Shoes will be attending, recipes, and my fave topic...THE BACHELOR/ETTE! :)

I anticipated my first post be short and sweet and that is exactly what it is! :)

Make sure to check back in next week!  Until then...keep well and stay smiling!