The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Week 1 Recap...JoJoJoJoJo

It's baaaaaackkk!! Who else is so excited that another season of this fabulous show has begun?! Whether you love it, hate it, or never saw it before, I'm here to recap the season for you. Let's begin!

Listening to JoJo reflect on her relationship was Ben as well as her hopes for being The Bachelorette showed how much class this lady has. I was skeptical of her being The Bachelorette but within the first 15 minutes I knew they made the right choice.

How gorgeous is she?! I am in love with her night one dress - it flattered her body perfectly! And her hair - don't get me started on that hair! Let's just say, I wish I could achieve flawless waves like she did! She seems like she has a great personality and sense of humor. Fingers crossed this lady finds her guy. <3

Intros...some were normal; others were quirky; but some were downright weird! Based on first impressions, these are my top picks:

Alex: He seems so normal and laidback! He's cute, successful, and a marine. Love him but don't think JoJo will pick him.

Ali: Oh my goodness - did all y'all catch that really dorky but seriously cute wave he gave to JoJo out of the limo? He's so awkward but I love it!

Derek: I swore a couple times John Krasinski from The Office was a part of the cast, but no, it was Derek.

Jordan: I'm not a huge fan of him but he and JoJo have some serious chemistry. We'll see if it'll last.

Luke: I like to call him Chris Soules 2.0 - both are farmers, both are successful, and both are easy on the eyes. Luke is my pick for JoJo!

Wells: He brought acapella singers! Again, he's kind of awkward but it's endearing and JoJo seems to like it.

Who are your top picks? Who wouldn't you have given a rose to if you were JoJo? Comment below and let me know.

Did anyone else just about fall off the couch when Jake Pavelka showed up?! I was never a fan of his but I really wanted him to be one of "the men" just because it would've been so dramatic. Instead he made the long trek from Texas to Los Angeles to have a five minute conversation with JoJo, who is apparently like a brother to her. Not worth it.

I'm really hoping that the season is as dramatic as the previews were! It looks so dramatic (and a little scary - I hope they don't have to change the genre of the show to crime!).

Lastly, for my non-Canadian readers, poking belly buttons is not a Canadian thing; it is a Daniel thing. ;)