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The Bachelor Week 7 Recap...tears, tears, and more tears!

Did all y'all watch the 'Bachelor at 20' special on Sunday?  How awesome was it seeing old cast members as well as Jade and Tanner's wedding?! Talk about a party!

Photo Credit: John & Joseph Photography Inc.

Photo Credit: John & Joseph Photography Inc.

On to this week!

This wasn't the most entertaining episode ever, but what did we expect when the "drama" of the season is stranded on a beach in the Bahamas?? ;)

Before I begin the recap, I have a little 'Bachelor fun fact' for all y'all.  Did you know that the house the ladies stayed in this week was one of Ben's family friend's homes? One night they even brought the girls a home cooked meal. :)

Bahhh!  Ben and Lauren B. are so darn cute together! They have undeniable chemistry.  You can really tell he is into her.  Earlier in the season I didn't think she was into him, but seeing how much Leah's foolish mouth affected her last week, Lauren is in it for the long haul.  Besides, a couple that dresses alikes, stays together. ;)

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I love how Ben took Lauren to the Baker Youth Club - a place that means so much to him! Lauren fit right in and I really enjoyed watching their date.  They are both so great with kiddos!

What a fun date Ben and JoJo had!  To have Wrigley Field to themselves for an entire day is slightly a big deal (that doesn't happen for just anyone)!  

JoJo is understandably scared of falling. I mean, who wouldn't be?! But I think her lack of trust in Ben is going to lead to the demise of their relationship (That sounds overly dramatic doesn't it??).  No, Ben can't tell her that she is the one for him, but she has to trust him! He said it well - "It's kind of endearing to me that JoJo doesn't know how much I like her even though I've told her multiple times how good things are between us."

Watching the three-on-one was a heck of a lot more intense than watching the infamous two-on-one.  The day seemed more like a competition than a date!

Side Note: Remember those heels that Amanda couldn't run in??  Who else loves them?!

Becca let Ben have it!  Like JoJo, her feelings are understandable but Becca has been to this rodeo once before. Last season she received a lot of validation from Chris but this season when that validation is lacking, she got really insecure. Ugh!  I can imagine it is not an easy process whatsoever.  

I really feel for Caila.  The sweet girl admitted that she was feeling anxious because she doesn't have deep roots in a community like Ben does.  By the sounds of it, she has a strong knit family so we will see how that goes.

When Amanda received the group date rose, I really felt for Becca and Caila. They were both crushed, especially Becca.  She doesn't show emotion very often so it was refreshing (hmmm, that doesn't seem like the right word) that she was so upset.

 I don't think Amanda has ever saw Lady and the Tramp due to her reaction when Ben wanted to share a fry.  Either that or she was just super uncomfortable.  I'm going to go with the latter. :)

She seemed uncomfortable on the rest of the date.  Did anyone think the same thing?  Maybe the crowds were super intimidating for her.

Random thought: How much booze do you think the cast members consume in a season? They are ALWAYS drinking...I feel bad for their livers! ;)

Emily is so funny!  I am beyond shocked that she hasn't seen ducks or swans in Vegas!

Again, I felt bad for her.  She wanted so badly to sound put together and mature but she failed epicly! Rule #1 when meeting the parents: don't tell them your likes and dislikes are watching movies all day and eating veggies respectively.  

Emily knows how to handle a breakup. She held it together so well and left with class and a better version of herself.  Gonna miss her!

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Becca, you feisty little thing!! I'm glad you were able to come to your senses after hearing Ben's explanation.  Will she pull a Chris Bukowksy and retire from the Bachelor franchise after this? Some people are rooting for her to be the next Bachelorette.  What are your thoughts?

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Did you see the preview for next week?!  It's gonna be good!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Comment below! :)